Joy Ellison: Dialect Coach and Consultant

"Joy's the best! She's so talented and specific and patient... She helped me find the character of Gretchen in Boeing Boeing. I couldn't have done it without her."

- Mary McCormack - (Tony nomination for this performance)

"Without Joy I don't even know if would have had an American career. I am the guy who came to this country without speaking the language, remember?..."

- Antonio Banderas - Actor

"The first film we worked together- my Spanish accent was so convincing, Spanish-speaking press was sent to interview me!. Love and thanks to Joy for her help for over 15 years (including *CHICAGO) making the process enjoyable and stimulating at the same time".

- * Oscar-winning actress, Catherine Zeta-Jones

"Few have the ability to empower you with your skills, like she does.Thank you Joy!"

- Tabu – Actress

"It was a pleasure working with you and the accents sound perfect. Well done!"

- Matthew Vaughn – Director

" helped me create a character in ways I'd never thought of."

- Vanessa Hudgens – Actress

" have truly made magic happen again and again..."

- Daniel Barns – Director

"You've made me feel so safe and free..."

- Jason Isaacs - Actor

"I learned more in a single day with Joy than I ever thought possible... She is truly a blessing to every actor's craft!"

- Rebecca Elias

"I will encourage anyone to have the Joy Ellison experience. She was a very great help (and still is) while I developed a different accent."

- Gina Parris - Actress/Comedian

"The knowledge I gained from your workshop, was very beneficial to me not only in the field of acting but in my career as a television presenter....I am now extremely confident in my ability to learn dialects, and get the roles I so desire."

- Verena Siblal - Actress

There was once this woman I met, who helped people learn dialects and within two days, I was learning the ways, of speaking the American accent.

And so to Joy Ellison I rhyme, thank you for taking the time and now with true eloquence I can say,..."Eleven Benevolent Elephants." :)

- Rebecca Foster - Actress